The scientific topics presented at the Summit will be selected from the following list.  Let us know on which item you intend to contribute. You are also invited to propose additional topics (aseps@kek.jp)

1.   Knowledge-driven Research (Theoretical and experimental Physics)

・Particle physics
・Nuclear physics
・Condensed matter / materials physics
・Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
・Biological physics
・Plasma physics
・Computational physics

2.   Physics Research for Science Innovation

1.     New Materials
i.    Nano-materials: R&D and technology platforms sharing and coordination.
ii.   Superconductivity: High Tc materials: coordination of a global material screening

2.     Biomedical
i.    Neuro-physics: Brain studies Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy)
ii.   Modelization, Simulation of diagnosis equipments
iii.  Hadron-therapy: ions beams and precise simulation of irradiation doses.
iv.  High-speed alert network system based on the GRID for virus (avian flu) or tsunami; coordination and systems interoperability; Global endeavor on drug screening and discovery …
v.   Bio-informatics

3.     Environment/Energy
i.    Energy saving with new materials, optoelectronic devices, …
ii.   Global heating: geophysics, atmosphere and marine physics; new needed measurements and simulation (supercomputers, GRID infrastructure).
iii.  Physics to solve pollution or environmental destruction issue; Carbon sequestration.
iv.  Low carbon energies
v.   Energy storage and saving
vi.  Fusion Research: fusion by magnetic confinement and other approaches (laser or ion beams).  

4.     Instrumentation: research and technology
i.    Accelerators
a.   High energy physics: the next 20 years road-map; The next large world-wide project: technical, industrial, financial, management and political challenges; R&D infrastructures and projects sharing
b.   light sources (FEL, XFEL), Neutron sources,
ii.   Ground and space based astronomical observatories
iii.  Detectors
a.   Particle detectors
b.   NMR and 3D imaging
iv.  Very high magnetic field

5.     Information and communication
i.      Data GRID
ii.     Nano-electronics, quantum computer: beyond the Moore law
iii.    Robotics: help to the person, work in hostile environment
iv.    Social and Human Sciences: Global archived document scanning and storing; Open access initiative

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