This Summit aims at strengthening the cooperation in physics research between European and Asian countries. A balanced partnership between Europe, Asia and America appears crucial to carry out successfully any world-wide endeavor. The Summit will deal with programs addressing either issues in fundamental physics or physics research playing a significant role in other fields (i.e. biology, chemistry, earth, space sciences …).

Why Euro-Asia, Why Physics

Euro-Asia cooperation remains quite weak compared to Euro-Americas or Asia-Americas levels. No world-wide project will succeed if not based on a balanced cooperation between the three main regions (Europe, Asia, Americas). Therefore reinforcing the Asia-Europe cooperation can be seen as a first step towards reaching this equilibrium

Discovery in Physics often leads to new tools contributing strongly to the development of other research fields like in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space sciences and more. So focusing at first on physics which make this symposium manageable is a good starting point for a future extended cooperation.

What are the goals of the Summit ?

1.To discuss the scientific priorities and the common large scale equipments that could be shared between European and Asian countries in various physics research field: particle physics, astrophysics, astronomy, mesophysics, new materials, laser, nuclear physics (fusion, transmutation), bio-medical physics, sustainable energy, space research, IT, ...

2.To setup a dedicated framework that would help boosting the level of the Euro-Asia collaborations in Physics for the next 15-20 years.

3.To involve developing countries in doing basic research so as to bridge the knowledge/digital gap.

Who organizes, which countries, who shall attend?

*Organization: Each participating country shall have its own organizing committee whose members will be representatives from research organizations and ministries.

*Countries: Any countries from Europe, east Europe, Russia and from Asia, South East Asia which wish to participate.

*Attendance: physicists representing major research projects, research organization directors, government officials (Research ministries, foreign affairs), industry leaders.

What kind of framework could the Summit initiate?

It could be a Foundation for Euro-Asia Physics supported by public and private money. It would provide fellowships for young researchers, short and long term invitations for senior researchers and supports for workshops and meetings. In this framework, high level meetings could initiate more ambitious projects one common large scale infrastructures.

General meetings

Two general meetings before the Summit are scheduled:

*June 2009, in Asia: Kick-off meeting

*October-November 2009, in Europe : preparation of the Summit conclusions

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Kick-off workshops and intermediate meetings will be setup soon in Europe and Asia. To express your interest and receive further mailings, please contact the Asia-Europe Physics Summit secretariat at aseps@kek.jp

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