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Accepted posters

Accepted posters

Call for poster

The summit presentation and talks are on an invitation only basis, but you may become an active participant through the poster session. The poster session is an essential part of the summit as it will present in more details the main partners that will contribute to the cooperation endeavor and the potential cooperation projects.

The posters may belong to the following categories:

o    Scientific physics projects that would benefit from an enhanced 
Asia-Europe cooperation,

o    Physical societies, Academy of science and other organization 
representative of the physics community to present their activities and actions for international cooperation,

o    Government ministries, funding agencies and international 
organizations with emphasis on the funding programs and initiative supporting international collaborations,

o    Research centers/ laboratories,

o    Industrial partners,

o    Innovative projects or cooperation initiatives presented by 
individual researchers. Young scientists are welcome.

Instruction to submit a poster

First submit an abstract from the indico site, http://indico.in2p3.fr/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=2481. Once the abstract is accepted by the organizer, the author is ready to upload a PDF file from the same site. Local orgainizer will print the PDF file for presnetation. A booklet of posters is prepared as well and distributed to participants at the registration.

Deadlines of poster submissions

Submission deadline of poster abstracts 15 February, 2010
Submission dead line of poster files 28 February, 2010

Please keep the deadline of the poster submission. Due to the limitation of printing capacity, it will be difficult to print post-deadline files in time.  We appreciate your understanding ad cooperation in advance.

Web site for poster submission

Please note that you have to get a IN2P3 Indico account first in order to login.
Make account:

Registration site:

Poster presentation guidelines

Please be aware of following when preparing the poster.

Print size of poster is 841mm width x 1189 mm height (ISO 216 Standard A0 size).
For high quality printing, we ask authors to prepare a pdf file for poster with the paper size of A0, fonts being embedded, and picture resolutions of roughly 200 to 300 dpi.
Please provide us a PDF file that is ready for direct printing in A0 size. Please also send a JPEG file or TIFF file along with the PDF file for cross checking.

Please also send another PDF file with the same content in 210mm width × 297mm height ( ISO 216 Standard A4 size), which is used for a booklet.

Please note the standard orientation of the poaster is PORTRAIT.

Please note that the size of a poster board is 90cm width x 210 cm height. Printed poster is displayed by the LOC.

In case of question, please feel free to contact LOC.

How to submit poster files

 When your abstract is accepted, "My conference" tab is displayed after you login to the ASEPS indico page,

Click "My conference", then your contribution displayed in blue text.
Then click "manage material" button and you will be able to submit files.

Poster session

It will be held on March 24, 2010 afternoon.




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